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Baker Aaron x Manny Houston joint album "Miles From Home"

Listen to "Miles From Home" by Baker Aaron & Manny Houston

"Miles from Home" is a joint album from Baker Aaron and Manny Houston consisting of 4 songs keeping it short and sweet. The first song "Lost" is an excellent start to the album with a catchy chorus you'll find yourself just singing along to like "I'm so lost, what i gotta do to find my way, other than break down". The production is really nice as well with the drums driving the rhythm accompanied by a piano supporting the melody. The second track "Paid" is reflective on the experiences of the come up and grind just trynna get paid especially when when your broke. The chorus fits the theme excently and production is on the money. The third track "Daydream" is a love song focusing on the person of your "Daydream" and if by some chance they thinks about you also. Which whether you're a guy or a girl i'm sure we can all relate to, and it's even worst when it's your bestfriend. The last song "Runaway" brings closure to the journey that is "Miles from Home". On this track we hear the artist explain how even though moving or running away from home can be scary you can't look back and have to focus on the reason you decide to leave in the first place.

Overall, the project is only 4 songs and is an easy listen from start to finish with relaxing vibes. Highly recommend you give it a listen and get familiar with Baker Aaron and Manny Houston if you haven't already.

(Listen to the full album below)

(Watch the video for "'Paid" below)

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