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Banksy New 'Aachoo!!' Public Street Art in Bristol

Banksy strives again in the streets of Bristol


Banksy returns with a whimsical new stencil in a residential neighborhood in his native Bristol, England. The notorious British artist recently took to Instagram to share the work, unofficially titled Aachoo!!, that depicts an elderly woman clad in a headscarf letting out an explosive sneeze as her purse and cane go flying behind her.

What makes the work even more interactive is where it was placed. The stencil was installed on the facade of a house at the bottom of a hill — and if you were to snap a selfie of yourself beside the work while lining up the foreground, it’ll appear as if the elderly woman’s sneeze has toppled you and the houses beside it as perfectly demonstrated by an onlooker in the photo below.

Aachoo!! is the latest known public street artwork by Banksy following his piece outside a beauty salon in Nottingham, England this past October. The graffiti portrayed a girl hula-hooping with a tire beside a real, damaged bicycle locked to a lamppost with its rear wheel missing. Just moments after the work was spotted, it was vandalized with white spray paint.

Check out Aachoo!! above and let us know your thoughts on the work.

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