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Check out David Guetta & Bebe Rexha's single "I'm Good (Blue)"

Cause I'm good yeah I'm feeling alright!

The world-renowned superstars David Guetta & Bebe Rexha released a spectacular music video

for their hit song I'm Good (Blue)". The video, just like the song, is marvelous and captivating.

The song is among the top trending music on the official global charts. I'm Good (Blue) reached No 1 on Spotify UK and overall UK single charts; No. 5 on Billboard and No.3 on the

Global Spotify. The song has also topped the charts in more than ten countries including;

Finland, Denmark, Norway and Australia. The song's sound has also been among the top trends

on social media, especially on TikTok.

The collaboration between the two renowned musicians produces a masterpiece that is liberating and a clear dance school smash. I'm Good (Blue) is a dance party anthem, an aspect

emphasized in the video. The video gives a celebratory mood through the glittering location

where it's filmed.

The video perfectly relays the I'm good message communicated by both Guetta's and Rexha's

lyrics. The beautiful performing ladies, coupled with the relentless partying and the hot looks of

both Guetta and Rexha, complement the song and enhance its vibrancy.

I'm Good (Blue) song and video earn a five-star rating. The song is available on different

streaming channels, including apple music and YouTube.

(Watch the video below)

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