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Corpse Husband Releases New Song "Misa Misa"

Corpse Husband is an absolute Internet Enigma

Corpse Husband is an absolute Internet Enigma. If an alien came to this planet and needed to understand the current state of the music industry, I would show them Corpse Husband. This artist started as a YouTube storytime narrator, best known for his distinct, low-pitched voice. There is a public curiosity and even fanatic fanfare surrounding him. At one point, he was just an average influencer before several of his songs blew the internet up, such as "e-girls Are Ruining My Life" and even the hilariously titled "HOT DEMON B!TCHES NEAR U ! ! !"

Corpse Husband seamlessly combined gen z meme culture, hard-hitting bangers, and an astute sense of what works and what garners attention within the progressively changing internet music market. What is noteworthy about Corpse Husband, is he's done this all without ever appearing on camera. He went from horror story narrator to internet superstar in a short amount of time. The mystery and intrigue surrounding him never seem to let up. His hype continues, even with his latest release "Misa, Misa!"

Corpse made his musical debut on a single by The Living Tombstone and Crusher P, and has been killing the game since then. He's collaborated with notable artists like Savage Ga$p, Machine Gun Kelly, and others. Corpse Husband has even utilized his 7 million subscribers and has charted on Billboard multiple times with his post-genre songs, mixing hip hop, metal, and dance. All of this from someone whose image is a non-existence image, just to top it all off. After all, "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!" is a certified platinum single. With this many accolades under his belt already, there are high expectations for his new material. In between becoming a voice actor for a role in the anime adaptation of Kazutaka Kodaka's Tribe Nine, he's found time to release new music.

"Misa Misa" features some new instrumental elements I haven't experienced in any of his previous material. There are broke, almost vintage video game-sounding synths layered between the hard-hitting, hip hop-styled metal rap beats. I would dare to say he is dabbling in dance music. The beat never quits, similar to E-Girls Are Ruining My Life. It's a challenge not to nod your head to this song. His vocal delivery features his signature, mega low rasp, and fast rap flow. The lyrics are both boastful yet still contain an element of self-loathing that keeps Corpse connected to his core audience. "Misa Misa" is a reference to the main character's psychotic girlfriend in the mega-popular anime Death Note. Corpse Husband's latest single is both dark yet uplifting and comical. He walks the fine line between playful and concerning. The song includes a feature from notable metal rap legends Scarlxrd and Kordhell, who have steadily made their mark on the internet with similar, DIY aesthetics and underground recognition most mainstream artists wouldn't touch with a fifty-foot pole. When exploring the darker corners of internet music, it's hard to miss this scene.

Whether Corpse Husband chooses to reveal his face or not, the music speaks for itself. He is an internet legend who managed to captivate an entire dedicated audience through the power of his voice alone. His latest single is a hard-hitting, dance tune accompanied by pink anime aesthetics, in a delightful internet goth era juxtaposition. He's no doubt a master of marketing but manages to be a strong artist solely from his music. These songs are distinct - it's hard not to recognize a Corpse Husband song when you hear it, and this single is no exception to that rule. Scarlxrd and Kordhell definitely brought their own flare to Corpse Husband's track. With multiple unique artists combining their talents on one powerhouse song, I'm certain 'Misa Misa' is ready to take the internet by storm. Moody e-girls and e-boys everywhere will rejoice for this gothic banger.

Listen to "Misa Misa" here:

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