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"Differences" By Baby Tate From Her Latest Album Mani/Pedi Is a Verified Jam

Tate Sequoya Farris aka Baby Tate is back with a brand new album Mani/Pedi featuring the aggressive smash "Differences." This singer, songwriter, and record producer from Atlanta, Georgia is proving her staying power once and for all, and she is commanding respect. It's clear by her latest album she's here to let everyone know her success isn't just because of the clever placement of her song "Beckham '' in the pilot episode of Euphoria back in 2019. Instead, Baby Tate is coming for the crown with guns blazing.

"Differences" starts with aggressive industrial instrumentation, reminiscent of some of the rougher and harder-edged tracks on Yeezus by Kanye West. This instrumental is a 90s industrial fusion with classic hip hop snares and deep rumbling bass. Instantly, an ideal gym song, the bass rolls across the track alongside lyrics like "I talk to god/ and they speak to the devil" delivered in such a menacingly delightful juxtaposition. She proves her versatile voice is as efficient as ever. Baby Tate's vocal is one part terrifying and another part smooth as butter. After all, it's hard not to bop your head to the chorus "Look at you! Look at me!" Her flow is flawless, and she's not shy about showing off her hard raps on this track. A master at her craft, Baby Tate is throwing some pretty hefty metaphors out here. At one point during her lyrical vomit of preeminence, she even name drops, and we all know who she's referring to. She is not shy about referencing Nicki Minaj. Tate has been open about her admiration for the rap diva, even tweeting at one point "Nicki has still never dmd me back after years of me giving her flowers and love then having one of the most viewed videos on her challenge lol. I highly doubt sending it to her would garner a response atp." It was bold of Tate to still reference her, but it's hard not to hear the tonal comparison and flow similarities within this track to Nicki. Her rhythms twist and swerve, and speed up to a pace that could only be described as pure fire. There is a singing break at one point, a quick release from the heart-pounding bass and drum combination where Tate sings out "I can see the difference between you and me so clearly." Baby Tates voice purrs at a steady pace. She proves her strengths both as a producer and an MC. Bare in mind, Baby Tate is a young rapper still making her way through the game, even with worldwide success. Her storytelling skills and theatrical breaks keep the song interesting throughout the entire track, effortlessly sustaining attention from start to finish. The double-time rhythms flow along with lyrics that exude confidence. She boasts and showcases her individuality throughout this track. So how does it compare to the other tracks we've heard from Baby Tate? It's no doubt this track, in particular, is a darker direction compared to songs like "Ain't No Love" However, the core of her songs remains the same. Baby Tate has proven herself an artist of diversity. Her danceable production and playful persona have served her well, and continue to. This is a standout track on her new album. If fame has tried to derail her confidence in any way, she sure hasn't shown it. The raw emotion is undeniable. (Listen to "Differences" below)

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