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DoodyDat600 latest album "Call of Duty 3: Wack Opps" out now

Another installment into the Call of Duty series

Doodat600 is back with the third installment to his Call of Duty series. Call of Duty 3: Wack Opps and it may be the best album is the series yet featuring 8 songs and 10 features from artist like PA Dee, FREDOBAGZ, MoMoneyMir , The Godfather, On Fully, Mistah F.A.B, FinessYoPlug, FoeThREEZ, Mack Cell 600 & Shoddy Boi. The album starts off with "Good Luck" Ft. PA Dee and sets the tone for the entire project. Doodat600 slides on every beat with his signature flow and just talks his shit about how he's living getting money and repping for Ice City aka North Oakland, CA. One of my personal favorite songs is the second track "Freeze" Ft. FREDOBAGZ, MoMoneyMir. The combinations of the three artist over the bouncy production is something you can slap anytime anywhere and yeah #FreeTheFreeze. Another, standout track is number four "Key to Life" Ft. Mistah F.A.B, FinessYoPlug. "Key to Life" keeps it short and straight to the point with Doodat600 starting of letting it be known he got the key to life, plus the features compliment each very well over a well produced beat.

Overall, "Call of Duty 3: Wack Opps is a must add to your library and an easy listen front to back with no skips. Tap in with Doodat600 to stay update with new music and all that.

(Listen to the full album below)

(Watch the video below)

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