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Drakeo The Ruler drops first posthumous album "Keep the truth alive"

Curated by Ralfy the Plug

Drakeo The Ruler was stabbed and passed away from his injuries last year while performing at the once upon time festival located in his home town of Los Angeles, CA. At the time Drakeo was on top of the LA music scene and in many people's opinion the entire west coast especially after collaborating with the likes of Drake on his single "Talk to me" featured on his album "The truth hurts". While Drakeo's passing was extremely tragic, he still continues to bless his fans with his charismatic & effortless anthems even from the afterlife. This is his 1st posthumous album "Keep the truth alive" and it's been curated by his brother and collaborator Ralfy the plug.

"Keep the truth alive" is an 18 track body of work consisting of all the things fans came to love Drakeo for like his signature lingo, word play, exuberant confidence, rich lifestyle and sense of humor displayed in the skits sprinkled between all the bangers. Drakeo continues to remind fans he was unstoppable after beating a life sentence twice and overcoming all the hate he received from his peers and other rappers. My favorite song on the album has to be "The Real Champion" but the entire album is full of vibes with no skips.

(Listen to the album below)

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