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E-40 & Too Short Connect On New Song Ahead Of "Verzuz"

E-40 & Too Short deliver their new single, "Triple Gold Sox."


E-40 and Too Short will be teaming up for a legendary Verzuz this week when they face off. The Bay Area legends will be going hit-for-hit as fans celebrate their contributions and incredibly lengthy discographies that they continue to build to this day. Verzuz might be structured to be a battle but the living legends will be touching the stage together as partners, collaborators, and elder statesmen of the culture.

As both artists prepare for the release of a new solo album this Friday, 40 Water and Short connect for a brand new banger titled, "Triple Gold Sox." Oozing with swagger, the two rappers recollect their young days as hustlers and their OG status that they've grown into over a fun West Coast bounce.

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