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Fisher-Price Releases Nostalgia-Inducing Merch Collection

Blast from the past, thank you Fisher-Price!


As the maker of some of the most iconic toys over the past nine decades, it’s likely Fisher-Price was ingrained into your childhood no matter when you grew up. Now, the company is reimagining its most recognizable wares into a lifestyle collection that gives everyone permission to be a kid. Comprised of clothing, accessories, housewares and novelty items, the Fisher-Price Toy Museum gift shop is a digital shop featuring items adorned with beloved toys of generations past.

There’s no doubt that the past has influenced some of the biggest trends in fashion, and this collection gives that notion a spin unique to Fisher-Price. Similar to the items purchased at a museum gift shop or from one’s favorite label, the pieces in the collection let wearers sartorially express who they are. In this case, it lets you show your love for a past decade with a graphic of one of the time period’s most quintessential toys.

The featured pieces harken back to 1931 when Doctor Doodle – the first toy made by Fisher-Price — was released and culminate in the aughts. Every decade in between is represented in the form of one of its most popular playthings, including Coaster Boy from 1941, Space Blazer from 1953, Play Family House from 1969, Happy Apple from 1973 and many others. The iconography of these toys is placed onto a wide range of merchandise that spans hoodies, T-shirts, socks and jackets to pens, cups and lunchboxes. Each piece serves as a nod to the decades that continue to influence style today.

To pay homage to the iconic Fisher-Price archive, HYPEBEAST has teamed up with the brand to offer an exclusive giveaway featuring pieces from the collection paired with other hype items. To shop the series, head to the Fisher-Price Toy Museum gift shop.

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