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George Riley's Powerful “Running In Waves” Song Resonates With Fans Worldwide

London singer-songwriter George Riley is an artist to watch

One of the albums that will stick with you the most from this year came from a person whose name you might not be acquainted with: George Riley. Although Riley spent her childhood in London singing and performing at local venues, Riley ultimately decided to pursue a career in academia. Despite the fact that she had started classes at the University of Leeds, she never stopped using music as a way to express her feelings and express her creativity. In 2019, she published her debut single, titled "HERstory," and the following year, she published two more singles, titled "Move" and "TRIXXX." She handled topics including social media, race, and the climate issue in 2021, which helped define her inventive approach with the release of her debut mixtape, which was titled "interest rates, a tape.” She was too experimental to be pinned down to just one genre.

Riley has returned after a year with Running In Waves, her sophomore album, which covers everything from cool jazz to pop. In this album, Riley provides a lush and eclectic sound, thanks to her sensuous and varied vocals and the dynamic production choices made by Vegyn, her music producer. Vegyn also contributed to the song's overall tone. It is difficult not to notice his signature electronica fingerprints on the album because he is the album's sole producer. He also finds a way to combine unexpected rhythms with full-bodied instrumentation, whether it's orchestral arrangements, smooth bass lines, or percussive beats layered atop waves of synths. With Running In Waves, he has produced an album that takes Riley's ethereal voice to new heights while simultaneously anchoring it in layered and futuristic soundscapes.

Over the course of eight tracks, Riley brings listeners along with her on the path to self-acceptance, fearless of exposing the moments of grittiness and self-doubt that paved it. The meditative lyrics give a view into the emotional arc of self-growth. She offers us a taste of the freedom that comes with buckling up and dashing headfirst towards your aspirations, no matter how scary they may seem, and between reflective introspections and vows of freeing self-trust, she gives us a taste of the freedom that comes with it.

It is logical to assume that Riley is taking some time to think about her history while still maintaining a positive outlook on her future.

(Watch the video below)

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