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GiLO drops another slap with "Deal Drugs"

"The Oakland,CA native is making wishes come true with another drop!"


GiLO the Oakland,CA native is making wishes come true with another drop! This is his 3rd time dropping over the last month or so keeping very consistent. Following up on his two earlier releases of "Dangerous" and "How You Livin' Though" GiLO lets loose again on "Deal Drugs"

On "Deal Drugs" GiLO gets straight to it opening up the chorus with "I'm getting money even if I deal drugs" the combination of grit in his voice mixed with the instrumentation gives this single a menacing vibe that makes you want to get money. Moving into the 1st verse GiLO dives deeper giving some sensory detail rapping "Can't answer all these calls we sell the most dope, Got a ratchet in my coat I used to bag it up and go" painting the picture of a days work for the hustling artist. In the 2nd verse GiLO continues to display adept brushwork on this menacing portrait stating "Nightmares wake me out a cold sleep, Just to talk to myself in was a cold speech". With "Deal Drugs" GiLO once again proves he is 100% an artist you should be listening to.

Overall, This is a dope song with an infectious hustlers vibe that'll make you want to get that money!

You can listen to the full song above and follow GiLO on all social media platforms.

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