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Gilo is back and he's feeling "Dangerous" on new single Ft Uptop Lucci

"This catchy single from the two bay area artist is must add to your playlist"


Following up on his last release Rainfall, pt.1 Gilo is back with "Dangerous" featuring Uptop Lucci. The up and coming Rap artist from Oakland, CA is most definitely an artist you should be listening to. If you're not familiar with Gilo then listen to "Dangerous" below and continue reading.

The Production on "Dangerous" sets the tone with it's enticing balance of guitar, drums and piano that makes you want to listen to it on repeat all day. The great production is accompanied by even harder hitting bars from Gilo and Uptop Lucci making this catchy single a must add to your playlist. Gilo kicks things off in the chorus bringing you into his world vividly describing the variety of ways he's moving dangerous. He memorably raps "Dangerous, Running through the streets it come a point that it get painless" letting you know this isn't new to him, and he's actually been doing it so long that he doesn't feel the pain that normally comes with moving in the streets anymore. Next he moves into the verse continuing to paint the "Dangerous" picture explaining how it can be a lot going on but he's "always on a money making mission" and "still raging".

On the 2nd verse Uptop Lucci comes in and continues to abuse the defenseless the instrumentation. Uptop Lucci gets straight to the point letting you know "Bitch I'm dangerous" and when he's with the dogs no lane switching is going on. The San Francisco native continues to reveal the gritty lifestyle he's been living rapping "Mission to the neck protect the product with a tec" which means exactly what it means don't try it stupid, and other memorable bars like "I put 2 Glocks in the front seat I just might blow something up" because Uptop Lucci moves dangerous but if you know you know.

Overall, this is a fire song that deserves a listen.

If you don't know who Gilo or Uptop Lucci are listen to their music on Spotify above, Apple Music and all other platforms now.

Follow Gilo on all social platforms for new content and updates on release.

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