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iPhone 12 Users Report Issues With Short Battery Life

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Is your iPhone 12 dying quickly? This may be the reason why.


Many iPhone 12 owners in the U.S. seem to be dissatisfied with the device’s battery life claiming it drains too quickly.

According to sources, one iPhone 12 user posted on Apple‘s Support Community that his/her iPhone 12 Pro’s battery was too short, even when leaving it in standby mode — about four percent per hour. Another iPhone 12 Pro user told the Apple community that he was experiencing the same issue, even after shutting off 5G and all his background apps, noting that switching the device to low-power mode didn’t help much.

Many users have been trying to pinpoint exactly what the cause of drainage is, and one user seems to have gotten pretty close to answering that: he compared his phone’s battery life when the device was without a SIM card to when his device had one installed. He reported that removing the SIM dramatically stopped the draining. So far, some sources have speculated that the issue is being caused by a new iOS bug.

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