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Jack Harlow & Big Sean Link Up On "Way Out"

Jack Harlow Tags In Big Sean On "Way Out"


Jack Harlow and Big Sean connect for "Way Out," new single off the former's upcoming album "That's What They All Say."

Yesterday, Jack Harlow came through to deliver a cinematic trailer for his upcoming debut album That's What They All Say, a project that -- by his own admission -- marked his transition from a boy to a man. While it's unclear whether or not it will live up to his lofty ambition of crafting a classic, we've officially been granted a new peek from what's to come, arriving by way of Jack's brand new single "Way Out" -- his first collaboration with Big Sean.

Speaking on the track with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Harlow marveled at how hard Sean went for the occasion. "He smacked me," reflects Harlow, speaking on how he witnessed the Detroit rapper laying down his vocals. "He did it right in front of me. He did it right in front of me and he killed it. I was in the room. I was in his crib in LA. And he did it right in front of me. No booth, big dog. It was the first day we met. He invited me in the house and I think the barrier that you could have just was broke down immediately."

Though Sean did indeed put in work, "Way Out" finds both emcees operating on a level playing field, an opportunity for Harlow to stand tall as a lyricist. With some already feeling like Harlow is one of the game's promising young artists, it should be interesting to see how "Way Out" stands in the greater context of his new album, where he specifically "tried not to have any songs identical to one another." Check this one out now, and sound off if you're excited for That's What They All Say to land this Friday.

LYRICS 4 The Gram

Got a fountain on the chain and its indigo blue Might fuck around and get a gold tooth I’m a restaurant-goer, never been to Whole Foods She gon’ listen to the song, say this shit a whole mood

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