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Kalan FrFr signs to Roc Nation, and announces date for debut album

"TwoFr2 Drops on March 12th 2021"


Standing out and separating himself from all other LA artist with his ability to deliver catchy melodies that you'll find yourself humming subconsciously at some point after hearing one of his songs, mixed with lyrical content that displays the artist connection to the streets creating his specific sound. Kalan FrFr is definitely an artist you should be listening to and is getting ready to prove it again.

After announcing that he and his label First Class Entertainment have established a partnership with Roc Nation the 25 year old artist also announced the release date for his debut album "TwoFr 2" sharing Cover art and 10 song Track list. On the partnership Kalan had this to say "“Being with Roc Nation feels like we set our goals and now we’ve accomplished them,” says the Compton rapper. “We’re just excited to take it to the next level. I just wanna prove to everyone that believes in me…I wanna prove them right.” and I'm sure he's going to prove a lot of people right with this follow up to 2018's "TwoFR" which had hit's like "Fine Ass" that took over the city of Los Angeles. Listen to one his most recent releases "All Alone" on YouTube below.

"TwoFr 2" Track List

  1. Look At Me

  2. Ima Ball

  3. Scoring Never Lose You

  4. I Like / Good Love6. Big Dog

  5. Get In ft. Stunna 4 Vegas

  6. Tidal Wave

  7. Run Away

  8. I Gotta Know Pray

  9. No Love ft. Mozzy & Cypress Moreno

  10. Identity Fraud

Seems like Roc Nation is happy to have the artist as well stating Kalan gives you star power upon walking in the door. He commands a room, studio, and/or stage! Signing him was a no brainer for us!” - Shari Bryant & Omar Grant, Co-Presidents at Roc Nation

"TwoFr 2" is dropping on March 12th 2021, Follow KalanFrfr on all social media platforms and get familiar with the rising artist.

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