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Kodak Black Returns With Second Single Of The Year, "Every Balmain"

2nd release since being pardoned by Trump


Soon after he was released from prison thanks to a presidential pardon from Donald Trump, Kodak Black gave the world his single, "Last Day." It marked the first release for Kodak since becoming a free man, and the rapper is wasting no time getting back to work. On Friday (February 5), Kodak was reportedly spotted at a Super Bowl party where the rapper donned a slimmer figure and a few new tattoos, but an appearance at an event wasn't all had planned for the football-heavy weekend.

Kodak Black released his new single, "Every Balmain," a slow-burning track where he decided to stand alone without any features. His fans have vocalized their support following his release and are awaiting news of the next Kodak project that we expect will arrive sooner than later. Stream "Every Balmain" by Kodak Black and let us know what you think.

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