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Legendary: Get a Sneak Peak of Anti da Menace’s Newest Album

Anti Da Menace just dropped a new extended play (EP) titled Legendary. The musician, whose star has been on the rise in the thriving Atlanta hip-hop scene recently, drops an album on Legendary that reflects the city's flavor while also putting his own unique spin. Legendary has its own identity because to the unique juxtaposition between the pounding beats and reflective lyrics that run throughout the album.

The record kicks off with the grandiose "Time Zone," which employs uplifting, graceful keys to provide a nostalgic backdrop for Anti's intimate, passionate songwriting over booming 808s and bouncing percussion that together form an irresistible groove. The following track, "Made Me," is a sinister addition to the album, increasing the speed with muscular, driving 808s and threatening chords. Anti laces the tune with passionate, engaging vocals, while tracks like "223" featuring Wee2Hard and "Blood Boy" add an ethereal touch with strange production that creates a layered soundtrack. The track "Walk Down," which features BiC Fizzle, is a standout because of Anti's skillfully produced vocal melodies, the strong, luminous keys, and the irresistible rhythm section. Mixtape closer "Big Eyez" is a fun tune to jam out to. It has earwormy flutes, guitars that feel like you're in a dream, and snappy percussion.

(Listen to album below)

In summary, Anti Da Menace's latest album, Legendary, is a potent work that captures the distinctive sound of Atlanta while adding his own unique spin to it. Legendary is a raw, passionate, and intimate album with adaptable production and memorable tunes.

(Watch Video Below)

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