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Lil Karats drops new album "Took a Trip Inside my Brain"

Karats has been dropping a lot recently but her most recent effort is "Took a Trip Inside my Brain" a 9 song album full of sensual lyrics and bouncy melodic production. This is following her pervious release of "Some things I had 2 say" which was only released 3 months ago, so safe to say Karats has her foot on the gas and is racing to success.

The album kicks off with "Fly To Me" a song about how when you're in love you want your partner close at all times and space isn't an option to even be considered. The second song "Fears" Karats get really vulnerable singing about the dangers of drugs mixed with heartbreak over some excellent production. The third song "Take me higher" and the fourth song "My Lullaby" are both very well produced also. The fifth song "Fantasy" really changes things up with harder production and Karats shares vivid details of past intimacies. The sixth song "Thinkin" is about being lovelorn and thinking about an ex which most of us can relate to. The seventh song "Keep Away" is probably my favorite, as Karats sings about how she has a sign on her that says keep away from her for the disingenuous. The last two songs "Get Ur Shit Straight" and "Weekend" bring the emotional reflective journey to a end perfectly.

(View Track list below)

Overall, this was a great project from Karats full of amazing production and a vulnerability that's hard to find from many artist. As always we are excited to hear what's next and If you haven't already tapped in and followed her on social media then definitely take the chance to do so now here and stay tuned.

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