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Lil Tjay Flips Justin Bieber's "Baby" for "None of Your Love"

The fan favorite is finally available on streaming platforms.


Lil Tjay is giving his early Christmas gift with the release of the fan favorite, “None of Your Love.”

Produced by CashMoneyAp, the two-minute track hears Bronx rapper rework Justin Bieber‘s 2010 hit “Baby” featuring Ludacris. Lil Tjay interpolates the second verse of the Bieber original for his pre-chorus, adding a layer of auto-tune to his version. While the original cut heard the Canadian singer genuinely pine over a lost love, the rapper switches the mood and narrates the story of a girl who only showered him with love after he shot to fame.

“None of Your Love” was originally shared in 2018 but never hit streaming services (aside from YouTube) because Lil Tjay couldn’t get the sample cleared.

The rapper is scheduled to release his sophomore album in early 2021, and similar to his debut effort, will arrive with an accompanying documentary that further dives into Lil Tjay’s journey and path to continued success.

Stream Lil Tjay’s “None of Your Love” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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