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Lil Uzi Vert Jumps On Popp Hunna's Viral Remix Of "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)"

"Lil Uzi Vert features on Popp Hunna's viral remix for "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)"


There is no way that you've logged onto TikTok in the last month without hearing Popp Hunna's viral hit record "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)". The rapper has released some music over the last year, seeing some success with his record "I'm Single", but his most successful track, by far, has been "Adderall". The song's infectious energy just begs you to dance to it.

There have been many dance challenges popping off for the record, and it was only a matter of time before Popp recruited a major label rapper to remix the joint. Lil Uzi Vert came through with a smile, joining him and eating up a lengthy verse to bring even more attention to the banger.

Lyrics 4 The Gram

Maybach, Maybach I'm in the cut and my whip all black Yes, I blend right in 'cause my paint all matte And this shorty on my top, man, she need to back back I remember she ain't even want me way back Stay with a hundred racks stuffed Probably why I walk like that, why I talk like that

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