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Listen to Matty Marz latest single "Ugh"

Are you a Matty Marz fan?

Matty Marz is an unique artist with a talent few artist have. He's able to make great music in multiple genres like classic rock, bubblegum pop, funk & electronic. His most recent single "Ugh" is a uplifting pop song that make you want to move, and just leaves you feeling empowered after listening to this liberated anthem. "Ugh" is the follow up to his last single "Watcha looking at" which was a totally vibe and further proves his versatility. Matty Marz prides himself on being fully in control of his creative process allowing him to make the music he truly wants to. So, far it seems that has been working out very well for the artist as he has multiple songs with over 50k stream and even a few close to 100k streams on spotify. Overall, If you haven't heard of Matty Marz you should check him out and add his music to all your dance playlist.

(Listen to "Ugh" below)

(Watch the official lyric video below)

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