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Listen to Tara's latest single "Parallel" out now on all platforms

Are you familiar with Tara?

Tara is back with "Parallel" her first single since 2019's "Out of my head". Tara has beautiful voice and it's only enhanced by the enchanting production as she sings about being in love with someone that see's the world from a different perspective than herself. Tara sings "There's no point in giving all my time to someone who can't see my view", but she's still contemplates how nice it would be if their love did coincide and how wonderful that feeling would be. Although in the end she accepts the two were just sown from different cloths and better off living "Parallel" on opposite side yet she still wishes the best for her partner knowing their bed is just was good as hers and they must been sleeping fine which is all she wants for them in the end, Tara is a wonderful songstress and 100% an artist you should have on your playlist.

(Listen to "Parallel" below)

(Watch the video below)

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