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Lo Village Release New Single "Out The Window"

The Maryland trio offer a brand new single produced by Blvck Rose.


Maryland trio Lo Village are revving up for a massive year in 2021. Following the release of 2019's It Takes A Village, they continued to release new music throughout the year including "Comfortable" and "Terry Crews." Before the year comes to an end, they've returned with their latest single, "Out The Window" which reflects on the social unrest that occurred across America this past summer.

"2020 changed so much about how we think and view the world. "Out the Window" is a vocal expression of how we've reflected this year," Lo Village said in a statement. "We started the track with a clip from a speech given by Kwame Ture to the Black Panther Party in 1968. We wanted to parallel the civil unrest of 2020 with 1968 and also pay homage to great Black leaders. The pandemic has shed light on the inequalities that define America and forced us all to sit back and reflect while we've been in the house."

Lyrics 4 The Gram

Ignorance is bliss, after school watchin' 106

Raise ya fists, we still askin why like Jadakiss

An elephant is in the room, America afraid of it

The irony of it all is my favorite

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