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lulbearrubberband latest single "Show me" (Hoochie hoke poke)

lubearrubberband has been dropping consistently as of late

lubearrubberband is back again with his new single "Show Me" just a few days after releasing his recent album "Stomp Down Bear" which consisted of 9 songs and no features. "Show Me" is classic lubearrubberband in his element popping his fly pimp shit. He invites listeners to a lecture on how to pop that shit to a hoochie ready to do the Hokie Poke for some dollar bills. He then continues to vividly describe to the type of women that are within his interest like natural curly hair bitches to the bitches with weaves to the mexican bitches or even the whites ho's because lubearrubberband can tell if she do tricks, and if she start creaming then he gone make her scream like she a virgin.

(Listen to "Show Me" below)

(Watch the video below)

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