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Oakland, CA's Trifln' Drops Off New Album "Bad For You 2"

"Big Brotherhood, Respect And Passion"


Big Trifln' if you know you know is back with his first album effort of 2021 "Bad For You 2". This short 8 song project is just what fans have been waiting for. On this album Trifln' reminds us that his charisma and flavorful wordplay is on another level your favorite rappers not touching. Trifln' is definitely an artist you should be listening to.

Trifln's Bad For You 2 Album Cover
Bad For You 2 Cover

"Bad For You 2" was released on February 17th 2021 to all major platforms for streaming. The 1st track "Band Play" really sets the tone for the listening experience with it's light playful instrumentation giving Trifln' an open lane to the rim for an easy slap "no you can't fuck with me". On the 2nd track we find Trifln' questioning "Who Heart You Finna Break Bitch?" while keeping it extremely player for a choosy lil bitch fucking with a square. This whole project is full of fire bars and beats that will have your energy on ice cold player level. Our top 3 tracks are "Christian Dior", "Megaman" and "These Niggas" (watch below)

"Bad For You 2" Track List

  1. Band Play

  2. Who Heart?

  3. Megaman

  4. These Niggas

  5. Bucks

  6. Gangsta Party

  7. Allstar JR

  8. Christian Dior

Overall, This is a fire album from the North Oakland artist and proves Trifln' is an artist you should definitely be listening to.

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