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Poo$ie Returns With "Laugh Now Cry Later"

"The Bay Area Artist Says Now Is The Time To Laugh You Can Cry Later! "


Poo$ie has a very unique sound which really makes him a stand out in the big body of talented of bay area artist with his slowed smooth cadence and slight southern accent or lisp that's reminiscent of what you think a Nola artist might sound like raised with the swag of a bay area native. Poo$ie is definitely an artist you should be listening to listen below and hear for yourself.

"Laugh Now Cry Later" is the most recent project delivered to the public from the bay area based artist and contains 10 songs. The Project was released earlier this year on February 7th 2021 and distributed on all major platforms. You won't have to look far to find a few stand outs on this tape. Let's start with "G Nikes" the 2nd track, the mellow bouncy production mixed with the a venting Poo$ie is a must listen. or "Mood AF" which is all in the tittle it's a relaxing moody introspective track for a late drive. "I Pray" which is the last track has an angelic sample making it beautiful to listen to mixed with the feature from Trubble makes this a great way to end the project on a high note.

"Laugh Now Cry Later" Track List

  1. History

  2. G Nikes

  3. No Saints

  4. Tax Free

  5. 2 revealing

  6. Mixed Emotions

  7. Mood AF

  8. Hard to find

  9. Confetti

  10. I Pray

Overall, This is a really dope project and a breath of fresh air for the bay area music scene making Poo$ie an artist you should definitely be listening to.

Follow Poo$ie on all social media platforms and get familiar with the rising artist.

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