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“Something Definitely Going on Between Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah”

Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah dating?

There’s definitely something going on between 27-year-old Dua Lipa and 38 year old Trevor Noah. Dua, the “Sweetie Pie” singer, was seen kissing Trevor Noah outside a New York restaurant as the two of them shared an intimate dinner. Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show, has been linked to high profile celebrities before, like Minka Kelly. However, this connection between Dua and Trevor may be the most promising. They looked like there was a romantic connection, according to speculators, and if they do end up dating seriously instead of hooking up and going on dinners, they have the potential to be an amazing power couple, especially for millennials. Both are greatly admired for their strength of course attractiveness, and its kind of fun to watch their romance unfold since the two of them come from different worlds- Dua, the world of hip pop, and Trevor, from being a comedian. All in all, they look hot together, and we want to see more of what’s yet to come.

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