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The Brother Brothers released their latest album "Cover to Cover"

The Brother Brothers return with new album "Cover to Cover"

The Brother Brothers, an acoustic fraternal duo, released their latest album Cover to Cover and

it is filled with songs that will touch your heart, reach into your memories, pull out your dormant

nostalgia, seep into broken love, water your eyes, and let you fall asleep in a soft bed without

any worries. The keyboard in their opening track “That’s How I Got to Memphis” will remind any

music lover of “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest. I had the opportunity to see them

perform live at the Lodge Room when they opened for the jazz spectacular duo Rachael and

Vilray. They are a magical brotherly act that should be seen in a small venue before they get

any bigger. They are the millennial Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, and Glen

Campbell, all wrapped in one. Stay tuned as I review individual tracks on this sumptuous album.

(Listen to the album below)

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