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Trey Snow Drops Off 2 New Singles Just In Time For The Holidays

Trey Snow continues string of releases with "Super Spicy" & "Administrative"


Trey Snow returns this time dropping off two new tracks titled "Super Spicy" and "Administrative". This continues a series of releases from the low key artist out of Oakland, CA. Last week he dropped off "With Or Without You" and it's all in the name the song is about how Snow's going to prosper with or without any attachments.

This week with "Super Spicy" Trey Snow declares that all of the women he associates with are super spicy meaning they are much hotter than what many consider as hot. He continues to explain how even though he's involved with these beautiful women he still treats them like he would any other woman stating "Yeah I like them good girls, but I fuck em like a prostitute". as if he can't be with just one person. In the second verse he gets a bit deeper describing a situation with one of his interest that supports his views on relationships. He says "She want to fuck but we barley kick it, say I been missing I'm out the way I'm on a different mission, who is you kidding you taking dick from any nigga give it" Here we can feel that Snow is focusing on other things and fucking is not a high priority for him but it doesn't matter because the girl he's referring to is fucking other people any way. In conclusion "Super Spicy" is a vibe and highly recommended if you want to understand Trey Snow.

Snow also surprised everyone by dropping a 2nd track "Administrative". In this hard hitting song with heavy bass the Oakland native speaks on his creative process "I use to think the liquor helped me be creative" elaborating on how "If you ever seen me faced bad reputation" meaning he drinks to help with inspiration but sometime goes overboard and it may result in some bad looks. One of the best parts of this song is the chorus where he says "Yo nigga keep it PG I'm X-Rated, All these niggas broke check the X-rays" at that point he catches the beat nicely. In the 2nd verse he speaks on exclusivity again stating "Just cause I take you out to eat don't mean you special" another strong statement from the bay area artist.

All in all both of these track are dope, although the production value could have been better. Check out the two new release from Trey Snow above or directly on his SoundCloud page. If you want to keep up with Trey Snow follow him on twitter and Instagram.

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