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Watch Dr Maleek's latest visual for "T.A.L.A" - COMPLICATIONS II EP

"Newest visual supporting the 3rd track on Dr Maleek's latest project COMPLICATIONS II EP"


Dr Maleek returns to feed his fans with another really dope visual this time for "T.A.L.A" the 3rd track on his most recently released body of work COMPLICATION II EP. Dr Maleek is from Long Beach, California. He started making music in 2016 with his first single “Don't say nothin” ft Tory Lanez and The Game, since then Dr Maleek has went on to release singles and albums amassing over 10 million streams independently which is no small feat. The artist's latest project COMPLICATION II climbed up multiple charts even reaching #6 on AppleMusic in the R&B/Soul making Dr Maleek an artist you should definitely be listening to.

Here with "T.A.L.A" we catch Dr Maleek diving into the dynamic created in a relationship when family doesn't approve. In the opening of the video we see a beautiful girl taking a call from her mother disapproving of her chose to be with Dr Maleek even though she really likes him. This is something I'm sure most people can relate to because people (Family) love to interfere "for your best interest" and a lot of time it can be very annoying. Moving into the chorus we find Dr Maleek Harmonizing Vocals over a light, airy drum and synth dominate instrumental. He sings "Interfere always interfering out of fear" summing up a lot with a few words. Dr Maleek then gets into the verse where give delivers more bars giving us details to his specific situation. He describes how he "Thought the Louie V, Fendi could keep ya" but in the end family mattered more. This is a dope song full of bars and introspection proving again Dr Maleek is an artist you should be listening to.

You can watch the full video above and follow Dr Maleek on all social media platforms.

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