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Watch Jesenia's latest single and Video for "Do Me Like That"

Boston based R&B singer Jesenia is on the rise


Back again with a new artist on the grind that you should be on the look out for. "Jesenia is a 22 year-old singer, rapper, and songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. She began seeing success after posting her music on TikTok & Instagram, gaining over 200,000 followers in a few short months." She's been releasing a string of content over the last year growing her fan base with fun engaging dance videos and covers on YouTube showcasing her talent.

"Do me like that" is a song about a past relationship that left the singer feeling betrayed and questioning her partner "How you going to do me like that?" She explains how she was raised to be a strong woman but even strong women need a someone to depend on and it hurts when you can't. She continues to explain how she was the one from the start of the relationship that made her partner stronger and even though she feels betrayed in the end she gives thanks because the betrayal makes HER stronger. All in all Jesenia definitely let's us know that she is a winner and she's going to keep going so sorry for you no hard feelings.

If you don't know who Jesenia is listen to her music on Apple Music, Spotify (above), and other platforms now.

Follow Jesenia on all social platforms for new content and updates on release.

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