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Watch Lul Doody's "RugRats Mic Check" video out now

Lul Doody latest video for "RugRats Mic Check"

Lul Doody drops off a new video for "RugRats Mic Check". The young rapper starts off flexing about how he's watching the classic nickelodeon cartoon rugrats in the back of a maybach. He then proceeds to kill the beat stating an unnamed person had to wait 6 months just to get they 1st strap. Following that with how he's gone keep stepping until he can't step no more and that just the chorus. This whole song is full of bars. Lul Doody is definitely showing the world he has grown a lot since he first came in the rap game as a kid and not just in age but in talent. Lul Doody's latest single "Change my gang" is another example of how far the young artist has come since his early days. Lul Doody is one of the most talented young artist coming out of the bay area and should be on everyone's radar if he's not already.

(Watch the video below)

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