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Catch Matte Sounds latest single "Dead Wrong"

"Florida based Artist Matte Sounds "Numb" is a must listen"


Matte Sounds is a Florida based artist you should know about. He released his latest video for the single "Dead Wrong" back in December of 2020 and hasn't dropped anything of this year yet but "Dead Wrong" is dong a great job building the anticipation for his next release when ever it comes.

The Self produced Track "Dead Wrong" is beautiful with the mix of light piano, hard hitting drums, and Organ or maybe a synth just at times is fire. With the lyrical content He explains he's been spending nights without his baby and it felt dead wrong making him think he should have never gave her a heart or love because now it's hard to trust again. He continues by letting us know he has to make these songs because this is how he communicates when he can't speak. He knows he's complicated to be with and it takes some patience to deal with him but even still she still can't take back the things that she did. Overall songs melodic, wavey and just s vibe.

If you don't know who Matte Sounds is listen to this his music on Apple Music above and other platforms now.

Follow Matte Sounds on all social platforms for new content and updates on release.

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