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Youngboy Never Broke Again Releases New Song & Video "How I Been"

Updated: Dec 8, 2020



Youngboy Never Broke Again is one of rap's defining voices for the youth. He's been all over the place in the last few years, dropping five full-length projects this year alone. While some of his music has been deemed repetitive by critics, his grind is unmatched and, obviously, people don't mind that there hasn't been a clear evolution in his sound in 2020. He remains one of the most popular artists on YouTube, which is, in part, because he chooses to bless his fans on the platform with exclusive content all the time.

Without much warning, Youngboy Never Broke Again -- as well as everybody else in the Never Broke Again collective, including Quando Rondo -- loves to release new music on YouTube with accompanying videos. Last night saw the rapper upload his fresh new visuals for "How I Been".

In the song, he delivers some standout lines, including one where he seemingly accuses one of his baby mamas of faking his paternity. Given the fact that he's seemingly got six confirmed children, with another one on the way, it's a little unclear as to which one he's calling out. "She tried to fake a baby, I ain't trippin' 'bout that, girl I want your love," he says in the first verse.

Lyrics 4 The Caption

Oh, you the main freak? Bring her ass my way Your name could make tat three times on my face Hold my styrofoam, speedin' on the highway Nobody on a Friday, spent that money like five ways Can't listen to what I say, bitch, you know I need you Just wanna please you from behind, just won't beat you Soon as you throw it back, I go in deep too Now it's time to put my clothes on, I don't wanna leave you

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