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YouTube Wants to End Rude Comments With Its New Feature

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

End the trolling!


YouTube has announced that it will be taking extra steps to combat hateful and offensive comments that the platform has been notoriously plagued with. The video giant will debut a new feature that prompts commenters to reconsider their choice of words before publishing them.

As outlined in YouTube’s blog post, the new feature will pop up when YouTube sense’s an offensive comment is being posted, warning users with the prompt “keep comments respectful.” It also directs users to the video platform’s Community Guidelines for a better understanding of what’s considered appropriate. Next, users will be encouraged to “edit” their comments, but they’ll still be able to proceed if they really wish. Besides this feature, YouTube is also adding a new filter that aims to give creators the option of avoiding hateful comments: creators can hide, approve or report comments without having to read all of the content. YouTube also stated that it will run a survey in order to examine to what extent creators are disproportionately affected by online hate — the company hopes this will help draw a clearer picture of the different ways equal opportunity can be increased for its creators.

In case you missed it, YouTube ads will be increasing significantly in 2021.

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