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Enjoy the weekend with a "Short Island Iced Tea" Cocktail

Are Long Islands a bit to strong for you, then you'll love the "short island iced tea"

If you want something a little less strong than the over-rated LONG Island Iced Tea, then you might settle for going short.... "going short", get it? Yes, indeed, the SHORT Island Iced Tea is just as good but carries less alcoholic content with it. To get started making your own at home, all you need is some peach liqueur, spiced rum, Coca-Cola and ice. I made my own based on the common methods seen online.

And I can tell ya... there's been NO experience quite like it. I made this drink when I had my four best friends (and their wives, of course) over at my house on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. It was just perfect outside: The birds were singing, the waterfall (in my back yard) was making soothing, splashful sounds, the grass was green and humid, and all was well. This was the perfect time for a cocktail!

Now here's how ya make it....

Get everything in a nice ice bucket. Put all the ingredients in, starting with the

  • Ice - (about two cups). Then put in the

  • Rum - (1 half-cup per serving, for one person), and then mix in the

  • Liqueur - (2 cups per serving, per person). Add the

  • Coca-Cola - (as much as you desire, but remember too much can make the drink 'too sweet').

Hopefully, you've got a nice wooden stirring spoon (very important, too). Stir it all together as your last step. Then, let it sit a couple minutes, and enjoy! Tell me it tastes as good for you as it did for me.

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