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James Harden For Ben Simmons Trade Talks Receive An Update

76er's willing to trade Ben for James.


A James Harden trade is going to prove to be expensive.

At this point, every single NBA fan is aware of the fact that James Harden is looking to get out of Houston. It's an unfortunate situation for the franchise especially since they traded Russell Westbrook for John Wall, just a couple of weeks ago. Regardless, it seems as though Harden isn't interested in playing for the franchise anymore, which means the Rockets have the tough task of finding a trade suitor.

One of those suitors is the Philadelphia 76ers, who boast the talents of players like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. At first, it seemed like the Sixers were unwilling to give up Simmons but according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, it seems like they have come around to the idea. For now, however, trade talks have subsided and while the Sixers are willing to part with Simmons, they still find the asking price to be steep.

For now, the Rockets are also looking into trades with the Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets, and even the Toronto Raptors, although there is no timeline on when this will all get done. With a trade hanging in the balance, it seems likely that Harden will have to continue playing with the Rockets until this whole situation gets sorted out.

With the season starting in just a few days from now, it will be interesting to see just how motivated Harden appears to be.

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