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Las Vegas Raiders win with a miracle

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Las Vegas’ incredible 31-28 win over the New York Jets in Week 13


It wasn’t as easy as we hoped, but the Las Vegas Raiders head home from the east coast with W. Here’s our five takeaways from the Raiders’ crazy 31-28 win at the New York Jets on Sunday morning.

Ruggs’ redemption: Henry Ruggs II is going to have a good birthday on Monday. His son, Henry Ruggs III, felt pressure to perform after he caused an interception and lost a fumble that allowed the New York Jets to take the lead in the fourth quarter because he knew his father would be upset and he didn’t want that to happen.

Well, Mr. Ruggs Sr. is all smiles. The younger Ruggs saved the Raiders’ season with a 46-yard touchdown catch from quarterback Derek Carr with five seconds to go in the game to give the Raiders an improbable 31-28 win. Ruggs has been slow to produce this season, but perhaps that play will kickstart the career of the No. 12 overall draft pick. Sam Darnold struggled.

The Raiders are lucky the Jets are so bad: Let’s face it, the Raiders should have lost this game. The Jets made critical turnovers, penalties and bad calls in this game. What was that coverage on Ruggs on the game winner? An all-out blitz, really?

The Jets are 0-12 for a reason. They’re a terrible team. Raiders tight end Darren Waller had a great game with 13 catches for 200 yards and two touchdowns. Can you say AFC Offensive Player of the Week? Kudos to the Raiders coaching staff for the game plan. The Jets struggle badly covering tight ends — the Raiders knew they had a mismatch and they took advantage of it,

Offensive line struggles: The Raiders’ offensive line had its second-straight tough game and Carr was under a lot of pressure. They should get right tackle Trent Brown back next week against the Indianapolis Colts and they really need him for the playoff push.

Have to tighten the ship: The Raiders need to clean up mistakes on both sides of the ball. They struggled against bad teams in back-to-back games. The Raiders are in the playoff mix, but they aren’t playing great right now.

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