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Olan Prenatt Joins The Berrics For Special Christmas Edition of 'Do A Kickflip!'

Santa in Santa Monica, cruising the city’s streets and giving out gifts for flips.


Olan Prenatt has joined The Berrics for its annual Christmas installment of the Do A Kickflip! series. Best known for his role as Fuckshit in Jonah Hill‘s 2018 feature directorial debut mid90s, Prenatt takes the Santa mantle and costume from 2019 skate Santa Tony Hawk to cruise around Santa Monica bringing cheer and gear to kickflipping kids and adults.

Over the course of the 6-minute clip, a gleeful Prenatt pushes an old-school Cadillac around the Santa Monica streets, shooting through stop signs, exhorting veteran skaters and casual cruisers alike to perform tricks for gear and eventually pulling up at a duo of local skateparks to bring holiday blessings.

Of course, generosity is key in the holiday season — so Prenatt blesses certain skaters who aren’t able to stick the trick with free gear as well. Highlights include a a game middle-age man in a button up shirt attempting to kickflip a longboard, and Prenatt’s arrival at a second skatepark causing skaters to run over to a corner and a traffic cop to inform him that “Santa has to park on the other side of the street.”

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