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Paul George Signs Huge Extension, Fans Troll Clippers

No love For PG-13 In Clipper Nation After Last Season?


Paul George is showing his commitment to Los Angeles.

Paul George has received a lot of criticism over the last little while, and it all has to do with his lackluster play in the NBA bubble. During the Clippers' series against Denver, George was nowhere to be found in the last few games, and many fans were upset with his performance. After hitting the side of the backboard on one of his shots, George immediately became a meme and since that time, he hasn't exactly been able to rehabilitate the narratives that surround his name.

Regardless, the Clippers are rewarding George with a massive new contract extension as according to Adrian Wojnarowski, George will now be with the Clippers for five more years and will be guaranteed a whopping $226 million. This is a huge extension considering the Clippers couldn't live up to expectations last season.

As one can imagine, the decision to sign George to such a massive contract was met with some ridicule, as soon as the new broke. Many fans noted that George is simply not worth the money and that the Clippers could have spent it elsewhere. Others believe the Clippers are making a huge mistake here and if they don't win a title this season, then the contract will immediately be a bust.

Needless to say, George remains a polarizing player and this contract does nothing to aid that fact.

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