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Uptop Lucci releases new 4 song EP "I Hate Orange County"

Uptop Lucci returns with his 1st EP of 2022 titled "I Hate Orange County". This is following his earlier single releases like "Coming Right Back" Ft. GiLO and clearly proves he has no plans on being gone off the radar for to long.

This EP kicks off with "Keep Balling" a song about how through the up's and downs or through the wins and losses Lucci will keep balling as long as the world keeps spinning. The second track "Bless My Rounds" is a anthem about how with or without the protection of an angel on his back he's still gone put in work and make it home to his daughters. The third track "Teacher Calls Student the N Word, Gets Slept" has to be one of the funniest song titles I've ever seen. The song itself is a story about how having your nose in the wrong business is a quick way to lose your head. Finally, the fourth and last song "Zesty" Ft. TBW SirSpitta is a just a vibe for the testy ops feeling a lil zesty or basically just salty as mermaid piss. Lucci through the lob, and TBW SirSpitta for sure slammed it. Looking forward to hearing these two together more.

(View Track list below)

Overall, this was another solid project from Uptop Lucci and we are excited to hear what's next. If you haven't already tapped in and followed him on social media then definitely take the chance to do so now here and stay tuned.

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