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Artside Dallas Architects Unveils Latest Contemporary Greek Hillside Home

“The Lap Pool House” is inspired by the island of Tinos, Greece."


Artside Dallas Architects has unveiled its latest Greek paradise contemporary home. The residence, called The Lap Pool House, is based in Tinos island where the architectural group draws its inspiration from.

The modern residence is inspired by the geophysical phenomena that forms the unique characteristics of the Greek island. The house acts as a reinterpretation of the two natural elements, air and rock, combining both juxtaposing forces to create a minimalistic home that melds into its surroundings. The building hides in plain sight seemingly blending in as a natural landmark.

Though it merges well with the landscape, it also distinguishes it from the rocky mountains due to its rigid structure and protruding meters-long pool. The linear water feature, as well as the independent spaces fully exposed across the property, offer an additional factor of fluidity to the design.

The building emerges from the natural landscape like a man-made cave, including a partial green roof that acts as a continuation of the hillside and additional camouflage. The exposed concrete structure provides a shaded patio and interior adorned with modern, furniture pieces. The interior appears to have an open-plan kitchen and dining room. One of its bedrooms also has its own private outdoor patio.

Check out all the angles of The Lap Pool House below.

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