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Danil Yad Imagines Miniature Jeff Staple Sculpture

"comes with a tiny pigeon."


Danil Yad has created a miniature figure of Jeff Staple. Just after unveiling its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles two days ago, the digital sculptor has imagined a vinyl toy of a real-life person, this time around.

Like the previous figure, this tiny sculpture of Jeff Staple stands eight inches tall. The toy is one of a series of figures that pay homage to influential designers and artists today. This depiction of Staple is outfitted in mostly black: a black beanie, a black shirt and black pants. Staple is seen in a gray shirt to match the tone of his iconic Nike SB Pigeon Dunks. As a final touch, the figure has molded with open hands to hold a small pigeon that accompanies this release.

Danil Yad’s vinyl figure of Jeff Staple will be available on February 27 on Mighty Jaxx’s website for $199 USD.

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