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Louis de Guzman Teams up With Bugs Bunny for New 'A Wild Hare' Figure and Print

signature blend of bright colors and “geometric abstraction” detailing.


Chicago-based visual artist Louis De Guzman has had an eventful 2020 — consisting of projects wide-ranging as J Balvin x SpongeBob SquarePants toys and a New Balance 574 — and he’s set to cap it off by collaborating with Warner Bros for new Bugs Bunny figures and prints dubbed A Wild Hare. Taking the rascally rabbit’s familiar visage and adding his signature color palette/geometric abstraction style, De Guzman has provided Bugs with a new-yet-familiar look, one that he says “[pushes] what form and function can communicate through physical form.”

Standing 11’ tall, the figure sees Bugs in full sprint — looking to the side with a mischievous, open-mouthed grin on his face. Large, colorful shapes surround his bottom half and rise all the way up to his ears, where they become more scarce. Mixing blue, teal red and pink, the shapes provide a striking contrast with Bugs’ signature white and gray shades. The figure also comes packaged in a special circular tin that’s part film canister, part Looney Tunes logo and covered in printed graphics.

The print is 16’ x 16’ in diameter, and limited to a signed/numbered edition of 75. It shows a close-up portrait of Bugs’ face, slightly color-shifted and surrounded by even more of De Guzman’s signature forms.

“Being able to dig into the Warner Bros archives and study Bugs Bunny’s evolution through the decades has been a humbling experience,” says De Guzman. “And to be able to be a part of his legacy is an honor.”

Look for the Louis De Guzman x Bugs Bunny A Wild Hare sculpture and print to release exclusively on NTWRK come December 17. Figures retail for $380 USD and prints for $225 USD.

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