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"Tough Questions on 'Caresha Please' with Saweetie and Yung Miami"

City girl links up with the Icy girl for a spicy conversation.

There’s some hot news over the last episode of Caresha Please. Rappers Saweetie and Yung Miami have been friends for a while now, as the two of them have shared pictures throughout the years of themselves bonding on their respective social media accounts. However, tension seemed to mount in the latest episode of Caresha Please, where Yung Miami, the host, pressed Saweetie about details regarding her breakup with Quavo, asking her if she had ever cheated on anyone, and if the rumors were true regarding whether or not Lil Baby took her on a $100,000 dollar shopping spree were true. As anyone who tunes into to the Caresha Please show on Revolt TV, it is known that the sassy rapper tends to ask provocative questions to her guests, ranging from Diddy to Meg the Stallion, but hopefully, this episode with Saweetie didn’t cause any REAL tension in the girls’ friendship. Saweetie did get the opportunity to set some facts straight that the public has been wanting to know for a while, and it was because of Yung Miami’s straight-up persona that we got to know them. Overall, it was an entertaining episode of Caresha Please.

(Watch the episode below)

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