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Trevor Noah to leave ‘The Daily Show’ for stand-up comedy

Trevor Noah returns to stand up full time.

Trevor Noah has announced that he is stepping down as the host of ‘The Daily Show.’ In a video

shared on Twitter, the comedian stated that his time was up after hosting the comedy show for

the past seven years. He indicated that he wants to dedicate more time to stand-up comedy and

pursue hobbies such as traveling and learning new languages.

Noah, a South-African stand-up comedian, joined ‘The Daily Show’ in 2015. As a newcomer, he

replaced Jon Stewart, a longtime host of ‘The Daily Show.’ Despite being new to the American

audience, Noah quickly established his brand. He was able to position himself to have online


His seven years reign on ‘The Daily Show’ covered crucial moments in global and American

history. He covered key moments, including the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter

that rose after the murder of George Floyd.

Communicating to his studio audience, Noah pointed out how spending two years in his

apartment during the Covid-19 pandemic time impacted his decision to leave. He observed that

the pandemic finished the stand-up comedy, and when he got back, he realized that stand-up was a part of his life he would love to continue exploring.

He appreciated his audience, the ‘The Daily Show’ team and the Central Comedy for the

opportunity and being there for him during the last seven years.

Even though he has confirmed leaving, Noah did not specify when his final ‘The Daily Show’

will be held. For the time being, we will still enjoy his show.

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