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ZJA to Construct Underwater Museum Around 271-Year-Old Shipwreck

A 40-meter-long cargo ship that sunk off the coast of Hastings, UK.


Dutch architecture firm, ZJA, has unveiled its designs for an underwater museum in the Netherlands. The proposed institution will be built around a 271-year-old ship that sunk off the coast of Hastings, United Kingdom. Dubbed Docking the Amsterdam, the project will see the recovery and relocation of the shipwreck without ever taking it out of the water. The museum will then be constructed around a glass tank encasing the wreck which will allow visitors to observe the 40-meter-long sunken ship from multiple viewing points.

The Amsterdam ship was made in the 18th century by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). In 1749, the cargo ship was returning from its maiden voyage from Asia when a disastrous storm made it unsteerable and the captain eventually beached the ship near the town of Hastings. Although parts the ship has been destroyed, the hull and contents remain intact. The museum has been commissioned to preserve its remains from any further erosion. Details surrounding the institution’s interiors have not yet been disclosed.

The goal for the projects to provide insights on Dutch maritime history. “Visiting this venue is like entering a theater that stages the investigation in progress and engages the public with the discoveries the divers and researchers do inside the wreck,” as per the project’s description. Head to ZJA’s website to learn more about Docking the Amsterdam.

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